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Deputy director general of DG Connect of the European Commission visited PHABLABS 4.0


PHABLABS 4.0 has showcased the project to European colleagues of photonics companies and research organisations as well as representatives of the European Commission at the Photonics Public Private Partnership Annual Meeting organised by Photonics21, the European Technology Platform representing industry and research in photonics.

The first prototypes of developed Photonics Workshops were given a lot of attention. The Photonics Cuddly Toy, the IRglove, the polarization box, the optic fibre skirt showed good examples of what children and students can fabricate in  photonics enhanced Fab Labs.

Visitors were also very fascinated by the 3D printer for transparent material. They came up with a lot of brand new ideas for developing transparent photonics components with it.

Khalil Rouhana, the deputy director of DG Connect visited the PHABLABS 4.0 booth. He was very interested in the project and liked the idea to stress our attention to the girls.