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Fun at FabLab Karlsruhe with the Laser Labyrinth


Five excited students met last Saturday at Fablab Karlsruhe with the aim to go home with a Laser Labyrinth. Within the Phablasb 4.0 project Fablab Karlsruhe developed the workshop Laser Labyrinth for the target group young minds (10 -14 years). The laser labyrinth is a logic maze game. The game requires you to use mirrors, beam-splitters and brainpower to direct the laser through the maze and light up a target. During the workshop the participants have built a version of the laser labyrinth. The participants have put together the laser-cut game board and different tokens and soldered together the electronics of the laser token. Everyone had fun to guide the laser through the maze with its different mirrors at the end of the workshop. For sure the participants will visit the Fablab again to find out more about photonics, 3D printers or laser cutters.