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Great developed projects


We are so excited to announce that all 33 Photonics Workshops and 11 Photonics Challengers are developed.

On 13&14/06 all Photonics partners and pilot fablabs came to Brussels to showcase their prototypes and to give each other constructive feedback. Soon the maker community will be able to make an optic fiber piano, “Looking at grandma”-projector, a device that stores solar energy to charge your phone … and even a polarimeter.

In the next phase, all these workshops and challengers will be tested with the specific target groups, so the material can be updated.

From May 2018 on, all makers will be able to download the material from our website.

At this consortium meeting, Prof. Averil MacDonald from WISE (Women’s International Studies Europe) gave some interesting talks about “Unconscious Bias”, “How to write good instructions” so girls would pick them up & “How to approach girls during a Photonics Workshop in FabLabs”.

Dieter Van der Stockt and Stijn De Mil from FablabFactory showcased how to polish 3D printed lenses with the FormLabs 2.