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MEET&GREET at the Fablab Festival 2017 in Toulouse!


Fablab Festival 2017 is a yearly event happening from the 11th-14th of May 2017 at Fablab Artilect in Toulouse. Over 9000 people involved in fablabs, maker spaces visited this edition.
Next to a dedicated industry day and a special fab lab day, the public gets an introduction to projects from all around the world through exhibition stands, talk-shows, workshops, etc… PHABLABS 4.0 was one of them.
You could find us there at booth nr 46, where we presented the first developped “Photonics Workshops” for PHABLABS 4.0. The project aims to introduce photonics to youngsters as from the age of 10 through existing fablabs in Europe. The “Photonics Workshops” will introduce a variety of fundamental photonics that allows them to experiment and to understand a wide variety of applications and create new ones. These workshops will be dedicated to 3 different target groups: young minds (age 10-14), students (age 15-18), and Young Professionals and Technicians (age 18+). Special attention will be given in this project to create
gender-sensitive material for the “Photonics Workshops” and “Photonics Challenger Projects” that they
gain the interest of girls and have a lasting impact on their personal relation to science, technology and Fab
Labs. For this we are supported by the Gender Action Team.