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Win a trip to a Maker Faire in Europe!


Looking for a cool and interesting STEM-project? Are you creative and need some challenges? Take part in the Photonics Challenger Award!

Take on the challenge individually or roll up your sleeves in group and develop a solution for a realistic problem. With a good portion of creativity and some insight into photonics, the science of light, you build the most creative solution!

Build a greenhouse, use LiFi to communicate in traffic, bake bread with only the energy of the sun, show us how your mood is today by changing the colours of your dress.... Find here the 11 different inspiring and thought-provoking “Photonics Challenger Projects”, covering different aspects of photonics and with a link to cross-KET technologies.

Check more information about this contest with the PHABLABS 4.0 partner in your country!

In each country the most innovative, creative solution will be selected, which can then participate in the International Photonics Challenge awards in 2019. The winner of the International Photonics Challenge awards, will go to a big Maker Faire in Europe.