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Contact Persons: 
Anastasia Pistofidou

Fab Lab Barcelona, part of the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, is one of the leading laboratories of the worldwide network of Fab Labs, small scale production and innovation laboratories, equipped with digital fabrication tools. Fab Lab Barcelona develops several educational and research programs related to the applications and implications of digital fabrication. It is also the headquarters of the global coordination of the Fab Academy program in collaboration with the Fab Foundation and the MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms. Fab Lab Barcelona leads the Fab City Project, an initiative that aims to develop a new model for locally productive and globally connected self-sufficient cities.


Participated already in the following EU-projects:

Partners at EASTN EU Project (finished): the project aimed to support creation and artistic exchanges, promoting European digital creation to the general public and more generally, at building an active, enduring, widening and recognized community.

Partners at MADE@EU EU Project (ongoing): aims to integrate digital fabrication to the existing workflows of craftsmen, artists designers and artisans across Europe.

Partners at ORGANICITY EU Project (ongoing): is a new approach of the "Smart cities" that aims to put people at the centre of the development of future cities by keeping a razor-­sharp focus on citizen engagement and co-­creation. Partners at MAKING SENSE EU Project (ongoing): aims to demonstrate how open source software, open source hardware, digital maker practices and open design can be used by local communities to appropriate their own sensing technologies, make sense of their environments and address environmental issues. It will discuss how tools and methodologies can empower citizens and communities to enhance their everyday environmental awareness and to adopt more sustainable individual and collective practices. Finally, it will stimulate reflection and knowledge sharing.

Partners at MAKE IT EU Project (ongoing): The overall objective of the project is to understand the role of Collective Awareness Platforms (CAPs) in enabling the growth and governance of the Maker movement, particularly in relation to using and creating social innovations and achieving sustainability. The results of this research will help to understand the uses and impacts of CAPs in different contexts, as well as of the Maker movement itself.