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Contact Persons: 
Lukas Kreilinger

Fast and simple prototyping in the laboratory of the Institute of Industrial Management and Innovation Research at Graz University of Technology. FabLab Graz is in operation since 2014 and is the first FabLab in Austria which is powered by an University. The main Idea of FabLab Graz is to offer possibilities for individuals to produce own things by providing free access to digital manufacturing tools, such as a laser cutter, CNC milling machine and 3D printer. FabLab Graz’s mandate is to assist its users - companies, SMEs, startups, students etc. - with support and solutions along the product design process from idea generation to market launch. Graz University of Technology has a strong focus on teaching practical skills and applying them creatively. Therefore, FabLab Graz encourages the students to invent and prototype.

Participated already in the following EU-projects:

Product Innovation Project/ Product Development Project together with Aalto University (FIN), PACE University (USA), University of Maribor (SLO)