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Contact Persons: 
Dana Mietzner
Markus Lahr

ViNN:Lab at Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau (TUAS Wildau) has been founded in 2013 and is operated by the Research Group for Innovation and Regional Development and is part of the global FabLab initiative which now constitutes of more than 630 FabLabs worldwide. ViNN:Lab is already co-operating with different companies, organizations, artists and research entities such as the Research Group – photonics, laser and plasma technologies at TUAS Wildau. As a FabLab the ViNN:Lab serves by its very idea as a nonprofit high-tech laboratory and accommodates numerous digital rapid prototyping devices. As a “laboratory for the future”, ViNN:Lab offers its users the possibility to learn handling new basic technologies and to use them to develop highly customized products. The Lab is supposed to be a source for social-, product- and demand-induced innovations which is why ViNN:Lab is not only open to University employees and students, but explicitly addresses all societal groups and ages. Therefore, the Lab is intended to be a community resource that is offering open access for all individuals. As experience has shown, user groups come from all age cohorts with an even gender distribution. A special focus is on conducting workshops with children and youths as well as the development of new workshops tools like innovations camps that enables all user regardless of age and technological experience to rapidly evolve their knowledge base. ViNN:Lab already collaborates with numerous schools and is set to further develop its capabilities to provide a more thorough and hands-on understanding of new technologies and applications. ViNN:Lab will be responsible for hosting all the required workshops that are beeing developed during the project. This includes 2-3 starter workshops and 3 to 4 additional workshops in a timeframe of 12 months. ViNN:Lab will also be responsible to host a number of students which are participating in the photonics challenge. The lab will provide feedback during and after the workshops and also participate in a number of consortium meetings. Additionaly ViNN:Lab will provide the room to accomodate new instrumentations and components.


Participated already in the following EU-projects:

EU/international project experiences - ACUMEN (2011-2014): European research collaboration aimed at understanding the ways in which researchers are evaluated by their peers and by institutions, and at assessing how the science system can be improved and enhanced. This FP7 project is a cooperation among nine European research institutes with CWTS – Leiden University as principal investigator.

ECO4LOG (2004-2006) Development of an east border corridor 4th party logistics service approach along the axis Brandenburg-Saxonia-Austria with neighbouring accession countries, sub-project “development of an evaluation guide for effects of intermodal logistic nodes regarding economy and labour market”, INTERREG IIIC-Project 2004-2006.

European Airport Region Development, sub-project “Regional Marketing in airport regions”, INTERREG IIIC-Project, 2004-2007. - Survey Spreewald region, sub project in the development of a regional development plan, INTERREG IIIC-Project RESNAFRONT 2006.

Practical methods and tools for change management in SMEs; Development of a methodological approach of change management requirements in SMEs for training and coaching, sub-projects in EQUAL, Future 2005 Ostbrandenburg 2002-2005.

Evaluation of EQUAL Development partnership RECHOKE (2002-2005): Structural Change and equality of opportunities in rural areas in Brandenburg, study for the Technology and Start-up Center Fläming GmbH 2002-2005.