More girls and young women deserve the change to have succesfull and satisfying careers in science, technology, engineering, manufacturing, mathematics and construction (STEM)! And the STEM sectors can only benefit from the talents of these young women. We, in the PHABLABS 4.0 consortium, are eager to share this information with you so that you can play your part in this revolution!

The PHABLABS 4.0 consortium has taken responsibility to create gender-sensitive material for the “Photonics Workshops” and “Photonics Challenger Projects” that they gain the interest of girls and have a lasting impact on their personal relation to science, technology and Fab Labs. For this the developers are supported by the Gender Action Team.

This Gender Action Team, consists of several professionals like Prof. Averil MacDonald from WISE (Women in Science and Engineering). 

Discover in this booklet how to handle a gender-balanced approach in your Fab Lab, classroom and other areas.

The downloadable version can be found on this page. 

You would like to have a hard copy version or the version in pdf? Contact us for more information: