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Make your own lamp!

February 06 2019

What shall we do today? Let's make a smartphone controlled RGB lamp! Today at Tinkerers Fab Lab Castelldefels!


January 22 2019

B-Photonics announced the 10 winning Fab Labs and 10 winning schools of the 'Free toolkit campaign'!

Let's spread the news!

January 19 2019

Other Fab Labs and institutions are starting to perform the Photonics Workshops! Cultural center in Aalst, De Werf tried out the 'Cuddly Toy' workshop.

Organisms in water

January 09 2019

Building droposcopes and observing the organisms inside a water drop. These children show you how to do it!

Win a Photonics Toolkit!

December 18 2018

To celebrate this season of joy with you, B-Photonics will surprise 10 Fab Labs and 10 schools across Europe with a most interesting and obviously cool Photonics Workshop Toolkit of Phablabs 4.0. 

PHABLABS 4.0 on the radio

December 11 2018

Our French partners, @saintetienne will talk about the Photonics Challenger projects in France in an interview between 12h and 13h.

Interested in the world of design and new technologies? Having an idea to create an innovative product in the context of music, design or fashion using light technology?

Are you looking for even more Photonics Challenges? Apply for the "#next_photonics. Prototype Your Idea Contest" And transform your idea for a photonics product into a real business.

Looking for a cool and interesting STEM-project? Are you creative and need some challenges? Take part in the Photonics Challenger Award!Take on the challenge individually or roll up your sleeves in group and develop a solution for a realistic problem. 

From this year on May 16th, the anniversary of the first successful operation of the laser in 1960 by physicist and engineer, Theodore Maiman, is the 'International Day of Light'. PHABLABS 4.0 had the opportunity to show all our fantastic Photonics Workshops at the inauguration of the Day of Light at UNESCO in Paris.