What's new?

Drive the change! - This is the motto of the next Photonics Public Private Partnership Annual Meeting which will be held on the 28 and 29 March 2017. PHABLABS 4.0 will showcase the first developped Photonics Workshops and Photonics Challenger Projects.

Gender Action Guidelines

January 10 2017

Girls typically respond differently from boys to the incentives offered in life. This is a learned response resulting from a whole lifetime of different 'nudges' received or perceived from family, friends and society. We can't change this. But within the PHABLABS 4.0 projects we aim to work WITH it so that girls receive the same opportunities as boys.

Kick-off meeting in Brussels

December 14 2016

The PHABLABS 4.0 project started officially on the first of December 2016. On the 14th of December, all Photonics partners, the pilot Fab Labs, the Fab Lab advisory panel and the Gender Action Team participated to the kick-off meeting in Brussels.