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Aude Pelisson-Schecker
Robert F-Gohla


Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum of the Steinbeis Innovation gGmbH belongs to the Steinbeis Foundation for Economic Promotion. The Foundation runs a network of approximately 1,000 so-called Technology Transfer Centres with the overarching aim to bridge the gap between science and application, turning R&D results into an actual economic advantage and making a whole spectrum of the latest technology and management insights available to large companies, SMEs, and individual entrepreneurs alike. Close links between the transfer centres and research organisations guarantee the connection between R&D and industry. Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum (SEZ) was founded in March 1990. SEZ is a member of the regional European Enterprise Network (EEN) consortia. The core activities of SEZ are to manage and support international research projects, to assist organisations in European projects at any stage, to give assistance in the exploitation of research results, to promote trans-national technology transfer, and to stimulate and support the innovation process in industrial companies. SEZ has vast experience in dissemination activities, organizing workshops, conferences and brokerage events for technology transfer. SEZ has been involved in more than 100 European projects in the past years, among them several road-mapping and technology transfer projects in a variety of emerging disciplines. SEZ also coordinates several EU projects both Coordination & Support Actions and RTD projects. SEZ is backed by a team of highly trained, multidiscipline and multicultural staff specialized in different research topics.

SEZ will be involved in the development of workshops and the Challenger project and in the roll-out and promotion of project activities. Besides this, SEZ will help FabLab Karlsruhe (KA) in regard of dissemination and marketing of project results (such as the open source printer to be developed within WP2).

SEZ has built up a strong track record in EU photonics projects, such as PhotonicRoadSME, Omni-NET, RespiceSME or the photonics outreach project Photonics4All as a coordinator and WP leader. SEZ also has significant experience in conducting photonics outreach events that reach a wide audience from across the community. The team has initiated and conducted several successful activities such as ‘photonics children universities’ (attended by more than 260 pupils per year), attractive photonics exhibition booth during major events such as the ICT 2015 conference in Lisbon or the Photonics21 Annual Forum in 2016 and is highly experienced in social media to promote photonics. Especially thanks to the latter, SEZ can resort to a widespread network of contacts & followers which is easy to activate. Thanks to the involvement in the various projects, SEZ is well connected with diverse major stakeholders in the field of photonics such as clusters for instance (Photonics Austria, Photonics Sweden, OptecNet Deutschland…) or major networks (Photonics21). Within the project Photonics4All, SEZ contributed to the open access photonics tools such as a children promotion video, photonics quizzes and games, a photonics OmniLight Laboratory, several brochures (Open Innovation Methodology in Photonics, Study Photonics, Create your Business in Photonics…) and a photonics app. After 50% of the project implementation, Photonics4All could increase awareness and recognition of photonics by more than 80,000 young people, almost 200 entrepreneurs and approximately 200,000 persons from the general public. Additionally, staff of SEZ is active member of Working Group 7 “Research, Innovation & Education” of the Photonics21 Technology Platform. Last but not least, SEZ is member of various STEM relevant regional platforms: SEZ is a member of PhotonicsBW, Mikrosystemtechnik Baden-Württemberg e. V., the cluster for smart solutions, SEZ is a member of Umwelttechnik-BW and it is member of e-mobil BW GmbH.