The PHABLABS 4.0 project aims as its third general objective to compose Photonics toolkits for the Fab Labs to facilitate the use of photonics components as a standard element throughout these innovation hubs. The toolkits will be modular and will be composed of photonics components and/or photonics tools to stimulate innovation in the Fab Labs.

With this toolkits we make available in a durable way low-cost photonics components to stimulate and inspire innovation with Photonics technology.

The complete toolkits (photonics as well as electronics materials) of the following workshops are available for purchase:
-GOBO projector
-Wifi controlled RGB colour mixing

In the toolkit 'Photonics material' we offer all photonics materials needed for performing all Photonics Workshops. You can select yourself which materials you would like to buy. Don't hesitate in contacting us if you have more questions or if you want a quote.