Light, Love and the Dress

A dress is our second skin, the one we choose to identify our personal aesthetics, our screen to express who we are, what we feel. The new body needs a new

dress to better combine our personal history with technology, our heritage with unusual materials, our sentiment with an hybrid perspective of the future. We want to amplify our perception, our senses. Our path talks of integration.


What happens when the soul connects to the dress? We can show our empathy with a gesture making the dress change, lit by the warm of our feeling. Combining tailoring and new technologies, we integrate tradition and future. A research in textile mixing fabrics, synthetic materials, 3D printing and optical fibres to humanize garments and accessories. We take a new step and give new opportunities open to hybridation. The dress reacts to our gesture: a caress given to our neighbour starts the mutation lighting up the fabric. A new vocabulary to write in fashion the word love.