Photonics for safer cycling

You ride a bike in traffic where cars are that have indicator lights. Why shouldn’t you?

Well, now you can. Increase your visibility by adding turn signals (LED-strips) to your backpack or a high-visibility jacket. With a buttonbox, that magnetically attaches to your bike’s handlebars, you can control the blinking of the LED-strips.

Get instructed in the use of LED-strips, a microcontroller, a breadboard and basic programming. Convert the breadboarded circuit into a rugged, water-repellent, battery-powered LED-strip controller.

The participants will make an add-on for backpacks for a cyclist which will work as a direction indicator, thus improving the safety of the cyclist. An extra option to the workshop is to attach their smartphone on the handlebar of their bike which will work as GPS and communicate with the microcontroller which controls the light sources.