Toolkit for workshop: Heliostat

The photonics materials of this toolkit are available for purchase.  Cool! Make me a quote.

Photonics Components

Photonics Components: 
Solar panel

Electronic Components

Electronic Components: 
V-TEC 6V mini DC motor
LM2596S DC-DC adjustable step-down voltage regulator
Circuit board
Power MOSFET N-channel
FET P-channel
Metal film resistor 330 kOhm
Metal film resistor 10 kOhm
Potentiometer 25 kOhm
LDR resistor
PCB connector straight 3pin
PCB connector straight 2pin
LM 393 DIP: comparator, dual DIP-8

Other Components

Other Components: 
Screw M4*10 + nut (4 pieces)
Screw M3x8 + nut (8pieces)
Screw M3x16 + nut (12 pieces)
Installation pipe M20
Countersunk screw M2x6