Young minds, children from 10 until 14 year, are one of our target groups. To enlarge and ensure the workforce of tomorrow the PHABLABS 4.0 project will focus on the young minds to stimulate their interest in a technical profession. It is vital to start already from a young age to invoke enthusiasm in the next generation about science in general, and photonics in particular.

Especially for the young minds, a gender-balanced approach will be taken through a multitude of actions, e.g. the choice of the workshop content, how the workshops are organised, and instructions for the coaches. Through these actions we will bridge specific gender challenges with girls such as the general tendency or a lack of self-confidence in science and technology, stereotypes about gender roles, and the contextual approach.

The main message we would like to give to the young minds:
"Technology and Science are fun, especially Photonics and you can make really cool things with Photonics. Consider participating in one of the Fab Labs "Photonics Workshops" dedicated to your age group.

11 appealing "Photonics Workshops" will target these young minds. The selection of these "Photonics Workshops" will be made available soon below.