With the target group of the young professionals, we are addressing high school or university students, technicians or entrepreneurs, from the age of 18 year. The PHABLABS 4.0 project will focus on the young professionals to introduce them to specific aspects of photonics and trigger innovation in their products, with the focus on technological possibilities and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Young professionals, entrepreneurs and technicians will be much better acquainted with Photonics through the activities of PHABLABS 4.0 and they will be able to directly implement those skills in their jobs.

It is in the nature of the Fab Labs to stimulate innovation, and by providing photonics-enhanced toolkits, photonics innovation will naturally be stimulated all across of these innovation hubs. Especially when you give young professionals and technicians the opportunity to put their ideas into practice, innovative concepts and systems will be created and the overall innovation capacity will be improved.

The main message we would like to give to the students :
With Photonics you can innovate and create new products. Consider participating in one of the Fab Labs ”Photonics Workshops” dedicated to young professionals and technicians to explore for yourself the innovation capacity of photonics, work on a “Photonics Challenger project” and participate in the “Photonics Challenger Project” Contest. Make your own prototype in the Fab Lab.

11 appealing "Photonics Workshops" will target these students. The selection of these "Photonics Workshops" will be made available soon below.