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Contact Persons

Contact Persons: 
Daria Solovyeva
Loris Dall'Ava
Salvatore Saldano

FabLab Milano is a non-profit organization and a community of makers and professionals. FabLab Milano is a space where you can make almost everything: here you can realize your ideas and projects and connect with people. FabLab is a fabrication laboratory that offers digital fabrication. FabLab is abound 3d printing, arduino, lasercutting and robotics. FabLab is about sharing economy, coworking and implementation of artisanal skills with new technologies. FabLab Milano is a member of the international FabLab network.


Participated already in the following EU-projects:

Girls Code it Better http://www.fablabmilano.it/portfolio-item/girls-code-it-better/

Padiglione Tibet, castello Visconteo di Pavia http://www.fablabmilano.it/2016/04/04/padiglione-tibet-castello-visconteo-di-pavia-powered-fablab-milano/

Robot & Makers Milano Show http://www.fablabmilano.it/2016/03/24/849/

Milano design week, IDEA fiera http://www.fablabmilano.it/2016/03/30/enter-idea-fiera/

Make It 2015 e 2016 (powered by Intel) http://www.fablabmilano.it/2016/09/12/intel-fablab-tour-2016-progetti-maker-faire/