Within the PHABLABS 4.0 project we aim to define and test 11 different inspiring and thought-provoking “Photonics Challenger Projects”, covering different aspects of photonics and with a link to cross-KET technologies.  In the framework of the “Photonics Challenger Projects”, the participants will use their own creativity to design, build and test a system that will meet the goals of the “Photonics Challenger Projects”.

They will also elaborate and test new ideas and concepts in the cross-KET domain.  A particular emphasis will be put on stimulating the participants to develop their ability for thinking “outside-the-box”. A European contest for the best result arising out of a “Photonics Challenger Project” will be used to introduce a degree of competitive fun for everyone involved.

In the first 6 months of this project (Dec 2016- May 2017), these Photonics Challenger Projects will be developed. Soon the instructables of the Photonics Challenger Projects will be made available on this website.