3D printer

Some of the Photonics Workshops will make use of the Formlabs Form 2 to print transparant materials.

The Formlabs Form 2, the most advanced desktop 3D printer ever created. The Form 2 is setting a new standard for professional grade desktop 3D printing.

With the Form 2 you can create rugged engineering prototypes, intricate artwork or complex, watertight structures. The Form 2 is your team's tool to innovate.

Bigger prints, incredible resolution
With a 40% bigger build volume and a 50% more powerful laser guided by custom precision optics, the Form 2 is capable of larger prints with spectacular detail.

Improved print process
The Form 2's new slide peel mechanism and heated resin tank creates a reliable process for a range of prints: from solid parts to intricate details.

Automated resin system
The Form 2's new resin system automatically dispenses materials based on the size of your prints. This means you can print big parts without pausing for refills.

Connected printing
The Form 2 comes with wireless connectivity and a touchscreen display. Now you can upload over WiFi, manage your queue and receive notifications when your prints complete.

Includes the Form 2 printer, Resin Tank and Wiper, Build Platform, Finish Kit, PreForm Software, and a 1 L Cartridge of Resin.

More information about this printer can be found on the website of  Fablabfactory.