IR glove

Target Group

Target Group:

Make a do-it-yourself remote control IRglove. By joining two fingertips, a signal will be emitted by the Infrared emitter to a device. The principle of transferring control signals via invisible wavelengths (in infrared) are used in the IRglove to f.e. let a robot move or let it turn. You learn how to implement opto-electronic components and control them with a microcontroller.

This Photonics Workshop starts with the principle of wavelengths in infrared used to send a signal with your remote control. Most remote controls make use a the near infrared light with wavelengths between 800 and 950 nm.

The participants will build an IRglove that will serve as a remote control for a certain device. By touching two finger with each other, a signal will be emitted by the IR emitter. A controller and a battery into a bracelet are attached to the glove.