What's new?

Writing a text with LEDs at Fablab Karlsruhe

Young professionals tested the Workshop “Persistence of vision” at Fablab Karlsruhe. In this workshop LEDs are used to write a text or images on a phosphorescent surface. What we need to make the text visible is a rotating drum, coated with a phosphorescent film and illuminated from the inside with light using LEDs.

Fun at FabLab Karlsruhe with the Laser Labyrinth

Five excited students met last Saturday at Fablab Karlsruhe with the aim to go home with a Laser Labyrinth. Within the Phablasb 4.0 project Fablab Karlsruhe developed the workshop Laser Labyrinth for the target group young minds (10 -14 years). The laser labyrinth is a logic maze game. The game requires you to use mirrors, beam-splitters and brainpower to direct the laser through the maze and light up a target.

First workshop at ViNN:Lab Wildau

23 students, aged around 14 years, were the first to test the newly developed workshop "Light and Art" at the ViNN:Lab Wildau, near Berlin. The task was to create a wooden box with two polarizer films. By inserting a transparent sheet with adhesive tape glued on top of it, the setup turned into a colorful mutative artwork, created by the students themselves. As the course of action included using a laser cutter and 3D printers, the participants got a first glimpse into the opportunities of a Fab Lab.

Building a smartphone-controlled RGB-LED-lamp

In this very first workshop, students between 11 and 16 years of age built a smartphone/WLAN controlled RGB-lamp. This project was based on the ESP8266, which is an Arduino-like programmable platform with WLAN capabilities.

Great developed projects

We are so excited to announce that all 33 Photonics Workshops and 11 Photonics Challengers are developed. On 13&14/06 all Photonics partners and pilot fablabs came to Brussels to showcase their prototypes and to give each other constructive feedback. Soon the maker community will be able to make an optic fiber piano, “Looking at grandma”-projector, a device that stores solar energy to charge your phone … and even a polarimeter.

MEET&GREET at the Fablab Festival 2017 in Toulouse!

Fablab Festival 2017 is a yearly event happening from the 11th-14th of May 2017 at Fablab Artilect in Toulouse. Over 9000 people involved in fablabs, maker spaces visited this edition.
Next to a dedicated industry day and a special fab lab day, the public gets an introduction to projects from all around the world through exhibition stands, talk-shows, workshops, etc… PHABLABS 4.0 was one of them.

Pilot Fab Labs received a 3D printer for transparent material

The PHABLABS 4.0 project aims to facilitate the use of photonics components and to stimulate innovation with photonics in Fab Labs. For this reason, the 14 pilot Fab Labs all received a 3D printer which can print transparent material.

Deputy director general of DG Connect of the European Commission visited PHABLABS 4.0

PHABLABS 4.0 has showcased the project to European colleagues of photonics companies and research organisations as well as representatives of the European Commission at the Photonics Public Private Partnership Annual Meeting organised by Photonics21, the European Technology Platform representing industry and research in photonics

PHABLABS 4.0 invited on next Photonics21 meeting

Drive the change! - This is the motto of the next Photonics Public Private Partnership Annual Meeting which will be held on the 28 and 29 March 2017. PHABLABS 4.0 will showcase the first developped Photonics Workshops and Photonics Challenger Projects.

Gender Action Guidelines

Girls typically respond differently from boys to the incentives offered in life. This is a learned response resulting from a whole lifetime of different 'nudges' received or perceived from family, friends and society. We can't change this. But within the PHABLABS 4.0 projects we aim to work WITH it so that girls receive the same opportunities as boys.